Frequently asked questions

When will you start shipping the product?

We expect to start our local distribution in the summer of 2019 and increase our production by the end of 2019/early 2020.

Can I change the images on the IrisPhone Base?

Yes! We will include multiple images for each function, which you can then add onto the IrisPhone Base in the order you want to.

What if I want more functions displayed?

We will be providing an additional booklet where you can place extra images of contacts and functions. We consider the IrisPhone Base to be the hub for the most frequently used functions.

What if you don't have an application I want?

You are more than welcome to send us a message with your request and we will evaluate if we can adapt the application you would like to have into the IrisPhone system.

What if the product malfunctions?

We have build the IrisPhone in such a way to be as foolproof as possible. However, if the product does not function the way it should, then you can get in touch right away and we will begin the troubleshooting process. Product warranty will follow all EU laws and regulations.



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