iResTech Ltd is a Cyprus-based company that was formed in the spring of 2015, in order to continue the IrisPhone development. The company’s primary principles revolve around positive social impact, focusing on innovative solutions to enhance and ease people’s lifestyles, especially for marginalised sections of the population.


The three founders are heavily invested in the well-being of the aforementioned groups and are currently hard at work in wrapping up the final stages of the IrisPhone for a successful market entry. Each founder’s expertise, ranging from the technical aspects to design, has been instrumental in their successes so far, securing the necessary investments for their product development, not just for the simple version of the IrisPhone, but also for their next, more advanced version, currently in its R&D stage.

Since their establishment, they went through numerous prototype iteration cycles, placed their patent and trademark applications, received funding from H2020 SME Inst. Ph.1 for their feasibility study, as well as the Cypriot Ministry of Commerce for their initial IrisPhone prototype creation, and showcased their prototypes at WebSummit 2016 in Lisbon, Slush 2016 in Helsinki & Naidex 2018 in Birmingham (the biggest disability and assisted living exhibition in the UK). They have since joined forces with Gravity Incubator and revised their tangible interface to allow them to produce an initial batch in Cyprus in order to initiate their first sales in 2019, before expanding overseas. 

The company's future vision includes a range of sustainable and secure products that facilitate to the needs of these niche markets.